Wizards at Clippers Final Score: Wizards no-show in 136-104 loss to Los Angeles

Different game, same ol’ story as this time, Washington no-shows against the Los Angeles Clippers in an embarrassing 136-104 loss. Bradley Beal led the team in scoring with 20 points and John Wall added 18 on a night where only two starters (Wall and Porter) even logged assists. This road trip can’t end soon enough as things are slipping away quickly from this team.


The defense was from Washington was awful this evening evidenced as they surrendered 136 points. The scheme was a big part of it but there was no energy on the defensive end as Los Angeles had many wide-open attempts, second chance opportunities, and points in the painted area (68).

The small ball lineup didn’t work once again on the defensive side as no one was committed to rebounding the ball. The Clippers pounded the Wizards on the glass with 14 offensive rebounds, many of which resulting in easy second-chance points.

John Wall set the tone early on as he purposefully let Clippers players go around him in a desperate attempt to reach around and tap the ball from behind, which didn’t work.

The Wizards are a pitiful defensive team and they won’t start winning games until they sure up that side of the court.

Where has the three-point shooting gone?

Washington’s plan to run and gun and jack up three-point shots hasn’t been terrible so far this year but also, hasn’t been good either. Tonight, they were awful from three-point range as they shot 5-27 (18.5 percent) from long distance.

The Wizards missed all seven three-point attempts in the first quarter, were 1-3 from distance in the second quarter, and 2-8 in the third quarter before the starters were yanked (3-18).

To make matters worse, only one starter, John Wall, hit a three-point attempt and Kelly Oubre came back to earth from his magic carpet ride with a 1-7 performance from distance.

The Wizards defense is already poor. And if their shooting starts to go array? Look out, things could get very ugly.


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