The Wizards underwhelm in their preseason debut, lose to the Heat, 106-95

It was only the preseason, but the Wizards looked unimpressive in their loss to the Heat, 106-95. Kelly Oubre Jr. led the Wizards in scoring with 16 points followed by Trey Burke with 14 to go along with 12 from Bradley Beal.

This was sort of what you’d expect from a team’s first preseason game. Poor defense, sluggishness, it was all on display for the Wizards tonight. The Heat jumped out to a 35-22 lead after the first quarter on 65% shooting and the Wizards were never able to claw back within single digits.

The Heat would coast to victory with the Wizards never getting the lead lower than 11, 106-95 (the final score).

Let’s overreact after one preseason game, shall we?

Tomas Satoransky looks like the real deal: The rookie played the most minutes of any Wizard tonight, 31, and was also the most impressive Wizard on the floor tonight. Satoransky finished the night with eight points, five rebounds, and six assists. He looked very composed, had some nice cuts to the basket for easy finishes, and was able to get to the free-throw line. He also showed that he’s more than capable of running the pick-and-roll.

Overall, a very solid debut for Satoransky.

Where’s the Defense?

Yes, it’s just the preseason, but the defense the Wizards played tonight looked very similar to last year’s. The Wizards had issues guarding the lane evidenced as they surrendered 26 points in the paint in just the first quarter. Rotations were slow, and the Heat got too many open looks making the Wizards pay as they shot 55 percent from the field and 48 percent from three-point range.

Bradley Beal looks fine:

Beal played for just 16 minutes tonight but was very effective scoring 12 points on 5-9 shooting and knocking down his only three-point attempt. There were some question marks regarding Bradley Beal’s health after he suffered a mild concussion just a week ago in training camp but that didn’t seem to bother him. Beal looked comfortable in the mid-range, from three-point range, and also in the pick-and-roll. Very good showing from the $128 Million dollar man.

The Wizards take on the 76ers in Philadelphia on Thursday night.


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