Recap: Wizards at Cavaliers

Photo by David Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images
Photo by David Kyle/NBAE via Getty Images

On back to back nights, the Wizards came out sluggish and missing shots.  Only on this night, they got smacked by rival Cleveland.  It didn’t feel like a “rivalry” game as the Cavs opened up a 13 point lead in the first quarter and cruised to a 113-87 victory over the Wizards. 

Lebron James was aggressive and engaged from the start (unlike in other games).  He got to the foul line 8 times in the first quarter and made 7 of them.  Additionally, he got his teammates involved early as well.  Pick and rolls with Anderson Varejao and Kevin Love got the big men involved early and often. 

This was the first game all season where I can honestly say the Wizards looked disinterested.  Aside from Rasuel Butler and Paul Pierce, it looked as if the squad was looking forward to tomorrow’s festivities more than playing their rival on the road.  Speaking of Rasuel Butler, he started out 4-4 from the field and 9-15 overall with 23 points. 

The Wizards shot a respectable 46% from the field but they turned the ball over 18 times leading to 23 points for the Cavaliers.  Rebounding was an issue tonight as the Wizards were out rebounded 32-26.

Things got a bit testy in the third quarter when Lebron went up for a layup and John Wall went up with Lebron in an attempt to block the shot when Tristen Thompson shoved Wall in the back.  Wall wasn’t very fond of that and got right in Thompson’s face where a few choice words were exchanged.  I thought maybe the confrontation would light a fire under the team but that didn’t happen.  Cleveland ballooned  the lead to 30 and never looked back.  Wizards have a few days off to regroup before they take on New Orleans at home.


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